Slave to the cult


I know… I know…

Over the past couple of years I have felt the need to defend my position as a PC owner. As people have asked questions such as “Why don’t you get a Mac?”, usually in an annoying and whiney voice (at least that’s how it has sounded to me). I have typically responded back with comments like “because I need a computer for grown up’s”… I have even posted on such bulling tactics in the past.

But… I now find myself in the humble position of eating my past words of rebuke.

There are three reasons for my ‘conversion’ to the cult… they are:

1. More compatibility than in the past… This was a big concern, as I have to swap file with and between different clients for work, and any platform which couldn’t do this well was a no-go, as was the Mac of the past.

2. Back up facility with leopard… When Matt so keenly informed me of the latest upgrade on Mac OSX, I watched with amazement at the ‘Time Machine’ tool. This was a major plus. Firstly because I am forever over writing files that I wanted to keep, and secondly I had just forked out £800 to recover data from a crashed hard drive. Ouch…

3. It just looks so much better than a PC… In the end of the day, the overall look of a Mac is so much nicer than any of the PC’s on the market.

So... Matt Rees, Jonny Baker, Andrew Jones…

Can I now be a member of the emerging church, can I, can I, please… oh go on… please… please??

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