Two good friends of mine (Matthew Bishop and Mike Green) have finally published their new book – ‘Philanthrocapitalism‘. 

The book is about the changing face of Philanthrophy, with increasing numbers of the super rich giving away the vast majority of their wealth… but.. using the principles they have used to build the fortunes they have built. The biggest examples of which are Bill Gates the Clinton Global Initiative, the Google and Ebay guys. 

They have launched a website at

On the site there are a number of very interesting bits and bobs; 1. a very interesting, very recent, interview with Bill Clinton (whoever he is?!?). 2. Five Bonus chapters edited out of the book on the previous 5′ Golden Ages’ of Philanthropism, panning from the Ancient World to Carnegie.

I got a circular email from Matthew last night, in which he says… “Some people have commiserated with us for our timing, launching our book just as capitalism is falling apart. But we believe the financial crisis makes our message more timely than ever, for three reasons. First the super rich are likely to fare better than everyone else during this crisis. Look at Warren Buffet, who is already invested in Goldman Sachs and GE at a bargain price. Second, government budgets will now be tighter than ever, so there will be even more demand for philanthropy. Third , every philanthropic dollar will need to be used even more effectively than ever so the new business like approach we call philanthrocapitalism is even more necessary.”

If you watch the video on the home page, it might appear that Matthew is more concerned with catching the wine waitress as she passes by that talking about the future of giving.
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