Truth, Good, God, and Fullness

I found this really interesting piece through Andrew Sullivan, (who incidentally has been writing and collating the best stuff on the US election).

In a blog called Postmodern Conservative (multiple contributers) James Poulos writes the following under a post “Truth, Good, God, and Fullness…

“We start longing for the experience of conversion, the gratifying sensation that we are surrendering ourselves completely to an insuperable power, rather than longing, say, to have been converted. This presumptive longing for the sudden, totalizing experience of comprehensiveness is, I think, a bit too driven by envy. And our longing, post-conversion, for the enduring, permanent experience of fullness is ditto too driven by pride.”
I think his point about ‘rather than longing to be converted’ speaks about a preference for nice experiences over and above transformation.

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