American Fervour…

Just watched the third of four parts of ‘The American Future’. The BBC/Simon Schama series on recent, post independence, history. This third part looks at the connection between Religion and Politics in the American context.

I’ve always really liked Schama’s style of presentation and it’s really interesting to see and hear a ‘secular Jew’ commentate so incisively and sensitively on this subject. Those in the UK can view it here.

The programme has always made really solid links between the past and present, and this third programme is no exception.

He never reverts to cheap gags or even the easiest of obvious shots, he just make a self-evident case that the Church has lost it’s way in politics, away from the intent of the Founding Father’s and the earliest Christian leaders who fought against injustice, and too into the hands of the American Right…. and back again?!

Do take a half an hour just to watch the last 30 minutes, it’s brilliant. And watch he face at the end of a Mega-Church service… priceless.

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