My Kid Could Paint That…

Just finished watching the film ‘My Kid Could Paint That..’

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, or heard of it, it’s the film of a little girl, called Marla Olmstead. Read the Wikipedia page here…  In short, Marla was a four year old girl who, between the ages of 4 and 7, produced amazing pieces of abstract art. 
As you watch the film it moves from a story about a little girl and onto:
–  a family 
–  a community 
–  a nation 
After this the story takes a really interesting twist, and into a different journey about story. 
The documentary ends by saying “it’s a story about what happens to stories”, about the nature of narrative. 
To me the heartbreaking part of the documentary was what it had to say about what we do with the ‘my story – your story – our story – the story’ stuff, how distrust breaks apart the narrative we all depend upon to build common cause and community, and how hard it is to build again when trust and faith have been broken.  Do watch the film… 

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