Easily among one of the best…

On Thursday night I went to see the Neil Cowley Trio at the Cornmarket in Newbury. It was a truly fantastic gig…

The’re a Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Drums) which I first came across them on Late Night with Jooles Holland, and immediately bought both of their albums. 

Neil Cowley (frontman) is an artist with an impressive career history, at the age of 10 he performed a Shostakovich piano concerto at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, then went onto play with The Brand New Heavies and Zero 7, among others. 

I find it hard to describe how good they were… the craftsmanship, timing, energy, enthusiasm, were just awe inspiring…. I have a favorite track, His Nibs, which they didn’t play… and it didn’t matter. They played in a venue which was only a quarter full… it didn’t matter (but it was a travesty). Just Brilliant…  I’m starting to gush now… and I don’t care.

I know this next suggestion may be a little controversial,  but if you have to sell body parts of your own grandmother to buy tickets , then do it… and do it NOW without regret or reticence.

Tragedy is that Newbury was their last listed Gig, but they are playing around at the London Jazz Festival, and event that finishes tomorrow.

(Someone…. no names mentioned… has pointed out that I may have been a little influenced by alcohol or tiredness when I wrote this post..!!?? You decide?!)

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