A must see…

While lounging around feeling sorry for myself with a cold on Thursday, I remembered a film that I saw last year, which I will have to put as one of my top films of 2008, despite the fact it was released in 2006. 

The film was ‘Kenny‘ and going by the film poster, or DVD cover, you would normally avoid it like the plague. However, a friend of mine, Kelvin (perhaps the best graphic designer I have ever met?), give it to my housemate, Mark, for his Birthday.  So this was enough of a recommendation to give up an evening… 
It is Brilliant… it is a REAL gem of a film. It has more to say about inclusion/exclusion, clean/dirty, hope/hopelessness and lost/saved, than ten thousand films which claim the same pretension. 
As you can tell, I am really quite a fan!

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