The ‘Other’ Nobel Prize Winner

Phew, twitter has really killed this blog. Thankfully every so often something comes along which needs a few more characters. I tried to twitter this but failed.

So, the other people to win a Nobel Prize this week were Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson, winning the prize for economics. As an aside it’s always worth doing a bit of digging on the winners of the economics prize, I personally always learn a thing or two.
I won’t go into detail here about her research and conclusions, but read the following blog:
Peter Martin – The Economics Nobel explained, in a video
If this really flips your widget, then knock yourself out on the full paper:
Nobel Paper – the heavy stuff
This thinking has a LOT to say on two subjects close to my work and heart.
1. Community – it helps to explain how we can better manage and moderate our common resources
2. Social Entrepreneurship – It provides a good model on which to base the ‘free’ but limited elements of our products and programmes.
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Enjoy, my little nurd friends.

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