Both Mary and I have been ill today, so far too much surfing and 24 hour news. But an interesting day to follow the news-cycle, especially around events in Copenhagen at COP.

Overall I’m afraid I’ve been a left a bit speechless, I started work for Friends of the Earth in 1997, and for my five year tenure our campaigning priority was Climate Change, working to bring UK legislation and international agreements, among other things. It’s taken 12 years to get to this point, and we seem no closer to an agreement, although some might argue the current resistance is evidence of people preparing to swallow a bitter pill. However, when 50% of the UK population don’t believe climate change is manmade, it’s a hard argument to make.

On top of this I read Tony Juniper’s ‘resignation’ piece in the Mail. It’s enough to get me out of my sick bed to dig the family bunker.

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