The spirituality of ‘being snowed in’

Having had  very disrupted, elongated and frustrating Christmas journeys (6 hours from London to Oxford, 12 hours to Glasgow then another 10 hours to Ullapool, after 4 hours behind a jack-knifed lorry) I have been watching and listening with increased interest to the various ‘phone-in’s (or ill-conceived rants) about how Britian is or is not coping with the big-freeze. (Thought this picture was just great…)

A non-blogging, non-twittering friend sent this great article from Thursday’s Guardian, which explores the various responses different cultures have taken to different snow-crisis.

The most interesting bit to me is the response of Europeans against Inuits when facing the threat of the snow-in. The European will work hard to free themselves against all odds, sweat a lot and often die from the result (expansion) verses the Inuit who will hunker down, conserve energy and see-it-through (consolidation). Neither approach is objectively right or good (and both demand effort and work), it depends on context, but in some situations expansion will kill you.

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