Four legs good, two legs bad…??

Blimey… I think we need a little bit more informed debate around the economics of wealth, wealth creation and the role of Government and governance around here…

This morning I’ve made a couple of responses to Kester Brewin’s post…  At the moment we still seem stuck in a debate which is about as nuanced as ‘Karl Marx good, Adam Smith bad’.

However…, for all my unrighteous indignation, I do full endorse Kester’s point… “Please, please give generously to help Haiti get back on its feet. But in a week or so when the story has gone from our screens, let’s not forget them, and let’s try to get the systemic issues sorted out. They need debt forgiven. They need minimum wage agreements. They need symmetric fair trade agreements. They need to be given a fair chance, especially by the US.”

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