Every kid should have $100!

A number of years ago, while working at Friends of the Earth, I had the great pleasure of briefly meeting comedian Mark Thomas. During a Q&A session one evening I asked Mark what our response should be to the increasing complexity of campaigning issues we were being faced with at the turn of the new millennium, his response was… “We need to respond with greater wit and wisdom.”

At the turn of 20-10’s we’ve had the launch of two very interesting campaigns, the Robin Hood Tax, which I have already added comment on, and now the launch of the FinancialAccess@Birth (FAB) Campaign. The FAB campaign is, in my view, a very different campaign that aims to bring together partners who are not the most natural bed-fellow’s – Governments, NGO’s, Banks, IT professionals and academics. Perhaps most controversially it aims to put $100 into a bank account of every child born.

If you think this is an interesting idea, but uncertain about how can it play a part in reducing poverty, and increasing the quality of life for future generations, I can do a lot worse than point you in the direction of Hernado De Soto and his book The Mystery Of Capital.


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