Now we get to see…

Well, like many of you I pulled an ‘all-nighter’ last night and despite not having a ‘portillo moment’ I was up for the fantastic win by Caroline Lucas. But this morning we’re all beginning to wake up to the reality of a hung parliament.

But this provides us, the electorate, with another opportunity. The introduction of the TV debates in the UK gave us a great opportunity to better (or more easily) understand the priorities and manifestos of the parties, today we have an new opportunity.

How the different leaders behave in the coming negotiations over the weekend, and probably into next week, will enable us to see how people behave in practice. Where their real priorities are, and what is the outcome they want from this process.

I believe Nick Clegg is right to turn first to David Cameron, Firstly, it’s consistent with what he said he would do, but more importantly, despite our ‘constitution’ it also recognises, that out of the three parties, the Tories did get the most votes.

How Cameron behaves now, what is most urgent to him to resolve, and how he chooses to resolve it, will tell us a lot about his deeper beliefs, his leadership style and how much he is able to let go of personal aspirations to deliver the urgent national adjustments he says are his priorities.

We wait and see…

This should be considered the first of the Leader’s Debates for the next election, which may be sooner than we expected.


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