Last Wednesday, while working with a group in Manchester, I ran out for the evening and went to the Cornerhouse Cinema to see the new Chris Morris film ‘Four Lions’. There has been a great deal of controversy over the film, which I can understand.

However, I think the controversy has been generated by people who believe the film to be a ‘Comedy’. It’s not a comedy, no one should ever make a ‘comedy’ about suicide bombers, especially one where real events clearly provide inspiration for the piece. But… Four Lions is not a Comedy, it a piece of Satire. As ever with Chris Morris’s work, people have confused the two.

I felt Four Lions was a brilliant film, I laughed out loud four or five time, but… was more often on the verge of tears. It is a touching, clever, thoughtful film, which, as all good satire does, exposes the glaring great fault lines in the dominant society which finds it so, so offensive.

Oddly, I think the film poster (above) is itself a piece of satire. Funny? Yes, but Comedy, No!!


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